1. Where are we based? Welshpool, WA .
  2. Do you have any other stores? No sorry, Online Store yes.
  3. Shipping ETA?  Depending on where you are in Australia, shipping varies depending on size of the Rug or product order, and whether or not we have everything you ordered in stock. Normally Between 1-10 business days, see more Shipping Info.
  4. Where is my order? Please use the Tracking information we sent in the Shipping Confirmation Email to track your item, if you have not received the email, check your Spam folder, this email will include Courier website and Tracking Number. If the item has not arrived in the allocated time-frame please contact us & also the Courier Company.
  5. Can I order online and pickup in-store? Yes.
  6. How do I order multiple Runner lengths Off the Roll? Read this step by step guide for help, Step by Step Instructions of How to Order Hall Runner by the meter.
  7. What should I do when I have the Free* Shipping option and Flat Rate Shipping Option $15? If your order is above $100 you may be eligible to receive Free* Shipping, depending on your location and size of order, even if you live in the Metro area, in some case’s you will need to pay Additional Shipping Costs or if you are an International customer, then you will need to pay Extra Shipping Costs.
  8. Do you ship Australia wide? Yes
  9. Do you ship out of Australia? Yes. New Zealand, although Extra Shipping Charges will apply, and Direct Deposit payments ONLY.
  10. What if I don’t like the Rug when I get home? We offer a 24hr Refund or Exchange on most purchases when purchased Instore at our Welshpool store, and an Exchange Policy Online. See ScattermMs Terms and Conditions.
  11. Do you have this in a Larger size? Most Floor Rugs do come in 3 or more sizes. If it is not stated within the product description or size option itself, call us and we can let you know!
  12. How do I stop my Rugs from moving around? We have a few different options depending on if they are on Carpet or on Hard Floors. Check out this link to find out more; Rug Pads Underlay.
  13. Why are Rugs different prices? Each Rugs size, Quality, Density and type of material can determine a change in the price. Please read the Rug Description for information on each individual Rug.
  14. How easy is this Rug to clean? Most Rugs are quite easy to clean if they are vacuumed regularly and spot cleaned with warm soapy water, if liquid is spilled on them. For best results in prolonging Rug life, ScatterMats Rug Guard (Scotch Guard) should be applied. 
  15. Will this Rug shed? Some Rugs may have some loose material that hasn’t quite been attached to the base of the Rug. Especially with Hand Tufted Rugs, it will appear as if the Rug is Shedding, though this should stop after vacuuming a few times. If it does not, please contact us as it may be faulty.
  16. Can I get a Rug modified?  Modifying Rugs can be arranged, but only certain styles and colours due to limitations on how it is made & pattern.
  17. How much is delivery if I buy online? If the order is over $100 then Shipping would be Free* for any metro areas. If under $100 then Shipping would cost $15 for metro areas. Extra Charges may apply for larger orders and Regional type locations & International orders.
  18. Do you have Matching Runners? Some Rugs do come with Matching Runners. This will usually be stated in the product description, but do not hesitate to contact us to find out.
  19. What is the Warranty on the Rug? ScatterMats 12 Month Rug Warranty.
  20. How do I stop my Rug from curling up? Curling happens when ends of the Rug are kicked, usually from people dragging their feet or Rugs sitting on top of Carpets. You can roll the Rug the other way and crease or fold it the opposite way to try and mitigate this.
  21. Can I get Express Shipping? Yes, but you will need to contact us for a quote. Extra Charges will Apply.
  22. Do you do Lay-by? Yes we do Lay-by Instore & also through our website. See ScatterMats Terms and Conditions.
  23. How to do the Online Lay-by? Just purchase your item as normal and when you got through to the payment option select the Direct Transfer method. When you get to the section that has a Comments Box, type in that this is a Lay-by, then proceed as normal.