Shaggy Rugs

Enter the Soft & Fluffy World of Australia's Loveliest Shag Rugs

Throw it back to the color-bursting 70s but add a modern twist to it with our easy-to-love and care-for-shaggy rugs. Lovingly hand-picked with durability, style and comfort, and mind, these fluffy delights will take your feet on cloud 9. Whether it’s a shag runner to cradle your feet in comfort the moment you walk through the door, a modern piece to elevate your living room or a sheep skin rug to cosy up your bedside, at Scattermats, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

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Fuzzy but in No Way Fussy

Acrylic shags may be cheap, but they’re also very hard to clean and won’t last very long. That’s why we go to great lengths to find the most durable fibres to ensure you’ll be happy with your purchase for years down the line. Designed to be simple to vacuum and clean with tough polyester and polypropylene fibres, our shags will help you cut down on maintenance and won’t lose a tiny bit of their beauty in the near future, even in areas with constant foot traffic.

Stunning Colours to Suit Just About Any Interior Decor

Apart from being so comfy that you can literally use them for sleeping, our shaggy rugs have special powers to blend in, stand out or complement your interior’s design features. From soft neutrals such as grey, beige and cream that bring understated elegance to bold red, orange and hot pink that make a statement, you’re bound to find the perfect fuzzy little gem to infuse your space with style.

Size-Inclusive Shaggy Rugs to Fit Your Space Just Right

Our comprehensive shag rug selection discriminates neither by colour nor by size. From extra-large 300x400cm to small 50x80cm and everything in between, there’s no room too big or too small for our woolly lovelies. Whether you need a huge but gentle rug giant to doll up the entire room or a little piece of fluff to add visual interest, we’ve got you (and your floors) covered. 

Choose Your Shaggy Rug Today

Whether you like to shop shaggy rugs online or meet them in person at our well-stocked warehouse, our experienced staff will be happy to assist you either way. With great prices, flexible payment options and free nationwide delivery on all orders over $100*, it’ll be a pity not to snag a deal at Scattermats today. Without further ado, dive into our shaggy selection down below and take your pick.

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