Cowhide Rugs

Natural Cowhide Leather Rugs & Skin Rugs 100% Genuine Leather

These genuine natural cowhide and Leather rugs or cow skin rugs are made from 100% genuine leather, and to ensure we only stock the best quality and value for money cowhide rugs from around the globe,  Scattermats tries to only stock and sell AAA Grade cowhides. Read below about the cheaper and more expensive types of cow skin rugs available online before you buy.

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As natural products, they all vary to some degree, some with brandings or markings unless requested without brandings, plus their textures, colours and sizes will differentiate, which gives them all unique diversity features. Cowhide rugs are in fashion and are highly sort after, placing an authentic cow skin rug in any family room would introduce a stunning feature that will have your visitors in awe.

Natural Cow Hide Rugs with Printed Colours

We Have Chosen Only the Best Cow Skin Rugs

We have chosen only the best cow skin rugs to ensure it adds a touch of exotic glamour to any home or business, from solid colours to printed African animal skins like, zebra, tiger or snow leopard just to name a few.
With these authentic visually dramatic looking African animal cowhide prints, you will have an exotic safari look that will add life to the existing palette of the room. 
Cow Skin Rugs characteristics are all natural and unique and will last for many years to come, and the African animal hides have been deep screen printed to ensure the colours are through to the base.

Different Qualities of Cowhide Rugs to be Aware of!

When buying cowhide rugs, generally the price is reflective of the quality, so there a a few different qualities to lookout for.

The first thing to remember is that, the cheaper cowhide rugs which are available from many online rug stores and rug shops are what you would call boardy. Meaning that the leather is slightly hard, when in fact they should be soft and pliable. The cowhides should have a nice soft and shiny coat and the fur should be soft to touch and glossy. The shaping of the cowhide is another factor to consider too, if it has a nice flowing shape and fairly symmetrical with no long bits protruding out, then a bit of time has been spent to produce a fine cow skin hide. Be sure there are no holes, cuts or visible repairs on top, If there are small repair patches underside and inconspicuous on the surface, then its fine, however we will always notify our customers prior to the shipment if any large flaws are discovered. Another thing to remember is if you do opt for a cheaper hide then you will have problems with the edges curling and they will not sit flat on the floor, these are what you call B grade hides. These B grade hides have had poor quality tanning process, they don't have enough oils and moisture left in them to keep them soft and flat. Lastly, be aware of what actual size you are buying, some stores may be misleading by classing them as large in size when they are only a small to medium hide rug, always ask for the square meter size if available and the length and width too.

So bearing that in mind, the AAA grade hides are really the only way to go, they may cost a little more but at least your cow hide rug will lay flat on the floor and not look cheap and wrinkled up.

Cow Skin Cleaning and Maintenance

Cowhide Maintenance

For everyday cleaning its best to simply vacuum your cowhide rug. I would recommend you take out the cowhide and beat or shake it for the hard to remove dust and then air out in the shade. Tip: Never leave your screen printed cowhides in the sun as they may fade, natural hide are exempted, another tip is never leave your cowhides on the floor when moping around them or on damp floors or or let it get wet, this may cause curling and warping etc.

Cowhide Cleaning, Spot Cleaning

You can use warm water and soap to spot clean your cow skin hide, but at your own risk, don't soak or put in any type of washing machines or use any cleaners or chemicals. For any liquid spills use a dry cloth or paper towel by blotting the area to soak up any excess fluids then you may lightly rub the stain using a PH neutral shampoo like white vinegar and water mixture.
The use of Eucalyptus oil or white spirits for any harsh spills like grease or gums.
Hang out in the shade to dry.

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