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Alongside our range of floor rugs, we stock a number of accessories for your home and a variety of products that will complement your floor rug purchase. We stock anti-slip underlay, rug care products, doormats, bathroom mats, cushions and foot stools, as well as providing the services of carpet edging, overlocking, binding and fringing.


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Online Shopping for your Floor Rug Online Accessories

All of our products can be purchased online through our web store, and will be sent from our warehouse to any destination Australia-wide. We offer free shipping for any order over $100, and a highly affordable shipping rate of $15 for any order under $100. For all of your floor rug and floor rug accessory needs, check out the Scattermats online store.


Anti-Slip Underlay for your Floor Rugs Online

In the past, it may have been recommended that you use non-slip tape underneath your floor rugs to stop them from slipping. However, this is often ineffective, especially if you’re placing floor rugs on top of carpet. We offer a more effective solution of anti-slip rug underlay, which can simply be cut to size and laid under your floor rug - this allows you to place your floor rug on any surface whilst ensuring it will remain in position. Anti-slip underlay is available for purchase either in rolls or in pre-cut sizes. These products are available both online and from our warehouse.


Rug Care Products for your Floor Rugs Online

Scattermats stocks a range of products that are sure to keep your floor rugs looking immaculate, and will aid in lengthening their life span. We stock items such as Scattermats Rug Guard, which will protect your floor rug from stains and spillages, as well as the All Natural Carpet Spot Cleaner, which will aid in removing any dirt or marks from your rug. These products are also available for purchase online or at the Welshpool showroom.


Door Mats, Bathroom Mats & Hall Runners

We stock a range of highly functional mats, such as bathroom mats, door mats and hallway runners. Our range of smaller rugs can lend themselves to a range of situations, from commercial buildings with significant foot-traffic, through to private homes. We can provide you with clear carpet covers, which will aid in keeping your floor rugs clean. Our hallway runner rugs can be cut to size and edged at our warehouse, meaning that you can order a customised floor runner for your home or business.


Cushions & Foot Stools

Scattermats stocks a variety of cushions and foot stools, which are sure to make all the difference in your home. These items can be chosen to complement your new rug choice, leading to a streamlined finish in your home. These items are also available for purchase through the Scattermats online store.


Carpet Edging Services

We offer a carpet edging service, and can bind the edges of your leftover pieces of carpet to create your own floor rugs. Our edging service allows you to tailor your rugs to fit your space perfectly, and will gift leftover pieces of carpet a new lease of life.


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