ScatterMats 12 Month Rug Warranty

ScatterMats Rugs & Runners will gladly replace a Rug/Product purchased from our Welspool Store within 12 months of the purchase date that is deemed to be “Faulty” by ScatterMats Rugs & Runners & or the Product Manufacturer. Simply contact ScatterMats regarding the faulty product and we will determine if it is covered under our Full Warranty or Pro-rata Warranty. Returning of the product back to ScatterMats or back to you may be at your own expense.


  • Proof of Purchase – ScatterMats Rugs & Runners Receipt with date of purchase or bank statement.
  • Pro Rata Warranty- This means Exchange or Replacement value is taken into consideration depending on how long you have the product for (this is because you have had a certain amount of use already from the product).
  • “Faulty” relates to manufacturing faults as determined by ScatterMats Rugs & Runners.
  • “Faulty” does not apply to; stains, fading, watermarking, where product has shrunk or stretched due to water damage, flattening of pile, reasonable fluffing, pilling or shedding, damage to over locking, rugs exposed to sunlight, any products or rugs used in a commercial area, curling or bubbling.
  • Replace means of an equivalent value of purchase price, replace does not equate to a refund.
  • ScatterMats Rugs & Runners reserves the right to repair a Rug or product at its discretion.
  • Warranty does not apply to Bath Mats and Carpet Remnants.
  • Warranty does not apply to ScatterMats Rugs & Runners Overlocking Service.
  • Warranty does not apply to Rugs or product damaged by cleaning or by being cleaned with incorrect or inappropriate cleaners.
  • Warranty does not cover a Rug or product that has been modified in any way.
  • Warranty does not cover lack of care, poor maintenance, accidental damage or tampering to the product.