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When shopping for kids floor rugs, you certainly want to make sure that you are finding something fun and exciting. Scattermats has spent years building up a catalogue of colourful and detailed rugs and children’s play mats to ensure that we have something to catch any child’s eye. We cater to kids of all ages, from padded mats for infants and toddlers through activity mats that promote complex play in toddlers. For older kids and teens, we stock a wide variety of patterned rugs to suit your kids taste and room - whether that means grinning skulls or colourful animals, our warehouse will have the solution.

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Are educational rugs an Underrated Toy and Development Tool?

Activity rugs or children’s’ play mats are often overlooked when discussing toys, but they can be some of the best bang for your buck as a parent and a memorable part of your child’s development. Educational rugs are a toy that serves a practical purpose in protecting your child and the environment from each other, and one which is always within their reach and gaze during their crawling years. They are highly portable, folding or rolling up easily, and simple to clean. In addition to providing fuel for years of imagination play, the pictures and patterns of a play-mat will help to improve your young child’s hand-eye coordination and pattern recognition; both hugely important skills.

Spice up Your Child’s Room with a Colourful Floor Rug

As your children get older, thoughts of rugs turn more to creating a look for their room which lets them feel like they own that room, and capture their own identity. Scattermats know that every child’s identity is unique, so we have an unmatched variety of bright and detailed designs to make sure there’s something that will feel right for your kid. Bikes, car road activity mats, planes, princesses, butterflies, barbies, sports teams and TV shows, whatever your child likes can be a part of their décor while bringing warmth to their room. And if you don’t think a picture rug is the right look, we have a range of colourful and hard wearing rugs featuring exciting patterns and gradients.

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To check out our vast range of kids’ rugs, come down to our Perth warehouse or look at our online catalogue. We offer free shipping on orders over $100*, so if you can find a few rugs you like you can get an amazing deal by combining them. You can also call us for rug advice on 08 9418 3567.

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