Kids Educational Rugs

Activity Play Mats and Educational Rugs for Kids of all Ages

Activity play mats or as some people would call them Educational Rugs, are just the thing to entertain the kids of all ages, it will help to educate them while they have fun! Here at Scattermats Rugs & Runners, we sell all types of activity rugs, from small to large, and in a variety of colours for boys or girls, from ages of around 2,up to around 14 years old, these interactive play rugs are a teacher and parents dream.

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If you are looking at buying kids rugs online, like interactive play rugs, or children's rugs, your in luck! You should find everything you need on our Scattermats website, it's a breeze to use, and we stock and sell at the lowest prices around. With the biggest range to select from, even if you are situated in Sydney NSW or Brisbane QLD, we ship all around Australia.

Activity Play Mats Variety for Sale on Our Rug Store Website

If you are in the market for activity play mats like, kids educational rugs, then check out our Online Scatter Mats Website. We endeavor to assist you in whatever your needs are, and you will find that you will like the size and type of kids rugs we have, without a doubt. For any questions before you buy kids rugs online, or you're just are not sure on how to use our website, then please just email us or call us on this phone number 08-94183567, and let us assist you to the right area or procedure for placing an order of play rugs for your children.

Interactive Play Rugs, the Types we Stock In-Store & Sell Online

With all of our interactive play rugs / activity play mats, they consist of a non-slip rubber backing for safety, making them anti-slip on hard floors. The colour of the backing varies, a white rubber back for some and a light grey backing for others. The majority of the pile types are a loop pile and some have a cut pile, which is slightly thicker. A great tip to make any of the play mats softer and thicker is, to use one of our rug underlay products and place it underneath for more comfort.

The Perfect Kids Rugs at Fantastic Prices, Even if you are in QLD or Tasmania

Kids Rugs Pricing and Information

Our kids rugs found on our online rug store are the best in town, especially for pricing and information. Scattermats has a 12 month warranty and quality guarantee value for money products, we don't just buy any product that's cheap, we consider longevity and maintenance before buying, giving our customers piece of mind knowing they wont get ripped off. As for information provided on each product, well, we add in a great detail of information about our kids rugs to help the buyer understand what they are going to purchase, what more do you need!

The prices of our kids play rugs start from $42 for a 94x132cm size car track, right up to a 200x290cm size road rug for $196, so even if you require very large size play mats then we have it.


Activity Play Rugs Colour Combinations

Activity play rugs come in a wide range of colour combinations, the colours for activity rugs are audacious in brightness to appeal, attracting ones eye. From hopscotch rugs to snakes and ladders, and so much more, these fun rugs will keep children occupied for hours.

The interactive play rugs range we stock and sell are generally colours of the rainbow, however some are just themed for either girls being pink or blue for boys. There is a complete array of colours available in our range that should suit most children, not to mention, brighten your class room or bedroom.

With such a great range, low prices and great savings, why shop anywhere else, even if you are across the other side of Australia, like in Adelaide. So give our online rug store a go when buying play mats for the kids, and remember Scattermats offers Free Shipping* (orders over $100) Australia Wide*, see Scattermats general shipping information.


Kids Play Mats Cleaning Information

If your kids play mats need a clean then, take them outside and simply wash with the hose, how good is that! Note that for drying, always hang the kids rugs in the shade to dry out, not in the sun, as the rubber hardens, especially if you live in Perth, Queensland and N.T.

 Ordering Kids Rugs Online Made Easy

 We have made the ordering of activity play mats and educational rugs easy, just search through all our kids rugs and click on the one you like. Then read the information and look for the word sizes, there maybe a small triangle arrow that you need to click on to display the whole range of sizes, just click the size you need. Then just add the qty required in the qty box and add to shopping cart, it's that easy, after that follow the prompts.

Many of our in-store and online customers say that Scattermats is the best Rug Store in Perth and in Australia!

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