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Scattermats stocks and sells a huge range of exhibition event products, like red carpet crowd control bollard stanchions posts and ropes online, also Line Queuing retractable belt barrier posts, and ship all around Australia. Colours like, red, blue, black and even white. Scattermats have just the range to suit the party you are planning. Here at Scattermats Rugs & Runners, we stock and sell all types of outdoor sisal look aisle runners too, even a portable gazebo altar, event red carpet runners in many different qualities and colours for those special exhibition events. Whether you require something small  or large for a personal party, also corporate banquet chairs and trestle tables and in a variety of colours, just select the colours and size, it's that easy.

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If you are looking to buy online your in luck! You should find everything you need on our Scattermats website, it's a breeze to use, and we stock and sell at the lowest prices around town. With a great range to select from, even if you are located in Brisbane QLD or Melbourne Victoria, we ship all around Australia.

Event or Wedding Aisle Runners and Bollard Stanchion Posts and Ropes, the Types we Stock In-Store & Sell Online

Scattermats also sells bollard stanchion posts and velvet or braided ropes and retractable belt strap barriers for crowd control line management systems that can be placed on either sides of or on the event red carpets.

Many of our in-store and online customers say that Scattermats is the best Rug Store in Perth and in Australia!

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