Event Products

Event Products

Both private and corporate events need to look exciting, inviting and smooth. In order to achieve this effect, in person and in photos, you need to dress the setting correctly. Scattermats has everything you need to make your event look like the place to be. We provide the highest quality event products, from event carpet runners, to rope barriers and bollards, to artificial plants and portable stages. We even provide tables and chairs if your event happens to be a sit-down affair. And to make your life easy, we provide a hassle-free online ordering system, so you can start dressing your event before you’ve even left your chair. We also provide Limited Free Shipping Australia-Wide*, including Northern Territory and Tasmania, so we’ve got all our clients’ covered!

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Red Carpet Runners


There’s nothing quite like a red carpet to make your guests feel special, and therefore to make your event feel special too. When your guests pull up to that plush streak of crimson, they’ll feel a million bucks, and you’ve set the stage for a great day or night! At Scattermats we know how important it is to make this first impression, so we only provide the highest quality carpets. And we provide our carpets by the metre, so you can give your guests as much VIP time as you like.

If your event has a special theme and you need a red carpet that isn’t actually Red, Scattermats has you covered, literally! We provide carpets in a variety of colours other than traditional Red, such as Blue, Ivory, Yellow, Hot Pink, Orange, Gold, Purple, White, Black, and even artificial grass. We can provide these carpets by the metre or in standard sizing.

If you have something specific in mind for your event, please get in touch! We’d be happy to work with you to find something that makes your event stand out.

Stanchion Rope Bollards

A red carpet is truly completed when it is accompanied by the classic velvet ropes and chromed bollards that make the experience feel special. Walking down the red carpet would not feel like an event if just anybody could find their way in, so stanchion rope bollards allow you to provide crowd control, without compromising on the visual effect of the event. Scattermats provides a range of high-quality stanchion rope bollards that read as well in person as they do on camera. We also have a large quantity available, so you can divide your event up into areas for greater control and specification.

Artificial Plants

Greenery softens an environment and provides a great background for photos and video. Plants can prevent an event from seeming excessively corporate, and can also function as a softer form of crowd control. Our artificial plants are well-made and high-fidelity, and can in many cases pass for real even in person. On camera, they almost always appear to be the real thing. We provide a range of species and sizes of plants for you to create the perfect green contrast to the red carpet glamour.

Portable Stages on Wheels

If your event is not in a traditional event venue or is planned to be outdoors, Scattermats can provide you with a range of mobile stages for your event. These are particularly useful for ceremonies, as they allow you to focus the attention of your guests for particular periods of action in the event, but without drastically changing your environments. Our stages are easy to assemble and disassemble without any tools, so you can prepare your event location quickly and easily, without having to worry about early or late access to the location. And naturally our stages are durable and stable, so you can feel confident having your honoured guests moving across them all day long.

We also provide dressing for our stages such as strap curtains to soften the hard edges of the stage and hide the steel structure of the stage from public view. So you can add that extra level of polish and finesse to your event. Not only this, but we provide everything you need to create the stage in your location, so you don’t ever have to feel like you’re left in the lurch with the job.

Tables and chairs for Events 

Tables and chairs are often a crucial aspect of an event. Even if your event does not involve a sit-down meal, you may still want some chairs for older or people with physical challenges. If your event is standing room only and involves only finger food, you may still want some bar tables and stools to allow your guests to put down glasses and napkins or take a little break from standing upright. Certainly, your guests in high heels will thank you for it!

Scattermats can provide you with a range of commercial tables, chairs to suit the size and style of your event. Whether it’s a small, personal gathering in an intimate environment or a large-scale bash for thousands, Scattermats can provide the solutions you need.

But don’t take our word for it. Why not take a look at our store and see what we have on offer. We can help you put the best foot forward on your event today!

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