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Scattermats stocks and sells a huge range of exhibition event wedding carpet runners and vinyl floor tiles, online and in-store, ready-made or by the meter, and ship all around Australia. Colours like, red, blue, yellow, orange, black, hot pink, purple, ivory and even white carpet runners. Scattermats have just the range to suit the party you are planning, if we don't, give Scattermats a call and maybe we will see what we can find. Here at Scattermats Rugs & Runners, we stock and sell all types of outdoor sisal look aisle runners for those special exhibition events even Vinyl Tiles or rolls.

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If you are looking to buy online your in luck! You should find everything you need on our Scattermats website, it's a breeze to use, and we stock and sell at the lowest prices around town. With a great range to select from, even if you are located in Brisbane QLD or Melbourne Victoria, we ship all around Australia.

Wedding and Hollywood Red Event Runner Carpets Variety for Sale on Our Rug Store Website

If you are in the market for a Hollywood red event carpet runner or white wedding carpet runner or blue carpet for a function or exhibition or even for in a cinema, then check out our Online ScatterMats Website, Scattermats will endeavor to assist you in whatever your needs are, and if our products are not wide enough, we can even join them together so you will find that right size and type of function carpet runner without a doubt.

Event or Wedding Aisle Runners and Bollard Stanchion Posts and Ropes, the Types we Stock In-Store & Sell Online

Our range of event and wedding aisle carpet runner rolls consist of a few types of backing material. Some have a non-slip rubber backing for safety, making them anti-slip on hard floors, while others have a hard backing to help give them rigidness for soft surfaces like carpet or lawns. The pile types vary from a loop pile and some have a cut pile, which is slightly thicker. One way of making the event runners softer and thicker is, to use one of our rug underlay products and place it underneath for more comfort or just to make them anti-slip on carpet surfaces for example. Scattermats also sells bollard stanchion posts and ropes and retractable strap barriers for crowd control line management systems that can be placed on either sides of or on the event red carpets.

Find the Right Event Runners at Fantastic Prices, Even if you are in Perth or Tasmania

Event Carpet Runners and Vinyl Floor Tiles and Rolls

Scattermats range of events wedding runners and self stick vinyl floor tiles found on our online rug store are the best around, especially when it comes to pricing and detailed information. We have a 12 month warranty on all our carpet runner rolls and vinyl tiles with quality guarantee value for money products. Here at Scattermats, we don't just buy any product that's cheap, we consider the longevity and the type of maintenance needed before buying stock, this gives us and our customers piece of mind knowing they wont get ripped off. We add in as much detail when it comes to the information and pictures about our products, this is to help the customer understand what they are buying, and if that's not enough then call or email us, what more do you need!

Some of our rolls are 5m, 6m, 8m,10m,12 m or even up to 25 meters long, with our budget runner rolls up to 40-50 meters long, to many sizes to mention, so even if you require very large size rolls then we have it or can get it or we can make it by joining them together.

Our self stick vinyl tiles are available to purchase by the carton and some multiples of individual tiles too, choose from either 305x305mm or 457x457mm and a step by step vinyl tile installation guide is available too for easy install, or our vinyl rolls that are 183mmx25m long.

 Event and Wedding Colour Combinations

The event runners and wedding aisle carpets come in a wide range of colour combinations and designs, the colours for functions or exhibitions events are audacious in brightness to appeal, giving the exhibition show or function that special bright happy appeal to ones eyes. From bright pinks to bright oranges, and so much more, these ranges of event carpet runners come in the colours of the rainbow and are sure to be the right colour for that special occasion.

With such a kaleidoscope of colours and large selection of widths and lengths of event and wedding carpet runners at low prices, why shop anywhere else, even if you are located across the other side of Australia, like in Sydney NSW Give our online rug store a go when buying event runners or kids rugs and more, plus Scattermats offers Free Shipping* for orders over $200 Australia Wide*, Scattermats general shipping information.

Some of the colours available are: Purple wedding aisle runner, hot pink wedding aisle runner, white carpet runner for weddings even black carpet runners for halls, not to mention the most popular being the red carpets to buy, or beach wedding runner, and many more upon request. 

Wedding and Event Carpet Runners Cleaning Information

For cleaning of these event and wedding carpet runners just take them outside and simply wash with the hose, how good is that! Please Note! For drying it's  always best to leave them in the shade to dry out, not in the sun, as the sun has a habit of fading or hardening things over time, especially if you live in Perth, Queensland and N.T, see Scattermats stain removal guide.

Ordering Event and Wedding Carpets Online Made Easy 

The ordering of wedding carpets and event red carpet runners is really quite easy. You can just search through all our range of event carpet runner rolls and click on the one you like. Then read the information and look for the word sizes (if it is applicable). A small triangle arrow is what you need to click on to display the whole range of sizes, just click the size you need. Then just add the qty required in the qty box, but remember that some of the event runners are in cm, so 100cm = 1m, then add to shopping cart, or just watch our instructional video on ordering event runners, or see our step by step of how to order hall runners by the meter. For any questions, or you're just not sure on how to use our website, then please email us or call us 08-94183567 and let Scattermats assist you to the right area or procedure for placing an order of wedding carpet for your special day.

Many of our in-store and online customers say that Scattermats is the best Rug Store in Perth and in Australia!

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