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Anti-Slip Rug Underlay Product Varieties for Sale in Our Rug Store & Website

Here at Scattermats, we stock and sell anti-slip rug underlay products of all sizes to suit carpet or hard floor surfaces, or as some people would call them non-slip rug pads for carpets and hard floors. We can show you how to make a rug or mat non slip, whether it be your doormats or rugs moving or slipping around on tiles or carpet on carpets, we have the solution for you.
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We stock all rug underlay products/rug no slip backing in our showroom here in Perth, but we also sell and ship them all around Australia through our Scattermats online website. You should find everything you need on our Scattermats website, it's a breeze to use, plus you can order custom cut lengths from rolls, what more do you need. With such a large range to select from, no matter where you are situated, even if you are in Sydney or Melbourne.

Anti-Slip Rug Underlay Products Sizes and Information

For hard floor surfaces such as tiles or wood floors, we have 2 rug underlay products, both made from rubber. A 5mm thick pad called 5mm thick underlay rug pad total stop rug moving on hard floors non-slip, and another called 2mm thick underlay rug pad total stop rug moving on hard floors non-slip. We have something for every occasion. A great tip to make any of your thin rugs or kids play rugs softer and thicker, is to use one of our rug underlay products and place it underneath for more comfort.

The Total Grip Rubber Rug Pads for hard floors are available in 3 approximate sizes of 110x160cm, 150x220cm, 180x280cm.

The Rug Underlay for hard floors can be custom cut to length off rolls, and are available in widths of 75cm, 150cm or 180cm wide up to a length of 50m.

For Carpeted floors of all types, Scattermats has top performing products called Total Grip Rug Pad Underlay and Premium Rug Lock underlay. Both are made from a foam type material that is white in colour, these products are self adhesive on both sides, this is enough to help hold the rug pad onto the back of your floor rug or mats. 

The Total Grip Rug Pads for carpeted floors are available in 5 approximate sizes of 110x160cm, 160x220cm, 180x270cm, 210x310cm, 230x370cm.

The Premium Rug Lock Underlay for carpeted floors can be custom cut to length off the rolls, and are available in widths of 60cm or 180cm up to a length of 27.8m.

The Perfect Solution for Safety at Fantastic Prices

Non-Slip Rug Underlay Products Pricing and Information

Our range of non-slip rug underlay products found on our online rug store are the best in & around town when it comes to pricing and information. Scattermats has detailed information on all of our products, even instructional videos. After years of feedback from our customers on how the products perform, like the longevity and maintenance, we don't just buy any product around that's cheap. We consider all facets and decide on the best value for money products on the market today, giving our customers piece of mind knowing they wont get ripped off.

The prices of our rug underlays start from $0.08/cm ($8/m) for the 60cm wide rubber rug grip for hard floors cut to order from the roll, and right up to $0.18/cm ($18/m) for the 180cm wide cut from the roll Premium Rug Lock for on top of carpets. For more details of prices see here; anti-slip rug underlay products.

With such a great range, low prices and great savings, why shop anywhere else? So give our online rug store a go when buying rug non-slip underlay, and remember Scattermats offers Free Shipping* (orders over $200) Australia Wide*. 


Ordering Rug Underlay of Any Size Online Made Easy

Rug Underlay Size Range for Everyone's Needs

Scattermats will assist you in whatever your needs are, whether you are unsure as what product you need for that special situation, or location, we are just an email or phone call away. For any questions before you buy rug underlay products online, please feel free to email us or call us on this phone number 08-94183567, and we will assist you with our professional experienced staff.

We have made the ordering of rug underlays easy, for the custom cut to length rolls, we have provided some instructional videos for either placing an order online like Scattermats how to order hall runner online or how to use the rug underlay products, how to stop rugs from slipping.

Many of our in-store and online customers say that Scattermats is the best Rug Store in Perth and in Australia!

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