How to Plan Before Buying a Rug Online or Instore

Buying a Rug Online or In-Store

Buying a Floor Rug is an investment, so never rush into it. Planning and patience are key when looking around and comparing Quality, Policies, Warranty and any other details such as how long a business has been trading for. It also always helps to know what you are looking for, instead of walking blindfolded into a store and buying something on impulse. While it may have worked for you at the time, you might regret it later when you see the same item cheaper or something better somewhere else! Choosing the right Rug for you is key. Sometimes a referral by a family member or a friend can be a good way of finding a business with a good reputation and helpful staff, but remember they may not have necessarily done their homework either. It is always good to check where you can.

Whether you are buying a piece of furniture or a decor item like a Modern Rugs, you should consider the long term. It is always good to think about things like if it will work with the surrounding area and decor, or if it will liven up an area or add warmth. When asking yourself so many questions, it helps make you think about and confirm exactly what it is you are looking for, and will help you make a decision you will be happy with.

Before Buying a Floor Rug

Before buying a Floor Rug, there are two things that should be done prior to shopping around.

First, we would suggest measuring the area where the Floor Rug is supposed to be placed. You should try to avoid estimates and guesses, as it often tends to result in the wrong size Rug being purchased. If you can avoid that where possible, always try to. A good tip for this is to take note of whether there is furniture in the area and whether it's going to be sitting on the Rug or away from it as a feature, as these factors affect the size that is to be measured. If you are unsure how to measure, or just want a good idea of what the space will look like when filled, we recommend using a bedsheet folded to the desired size. Once folded, you can use a tape measure to get the exact size!

Second, work out a preferred colour template and design for the Area Rug based on the furniture colour and the existing decor. Something that works with the colours and manages to give a lift is usually the best option here. Rug stores nowadays have online stores you can browse through at your leisure, allowing you to order at your own convenience. Do bear in mind that the colour settings of your computer monitor may be set differently from the people who uploaded the photos of the Rugs. Seeing the Range of Rugs available Online gives you a good indication of what Range is available from that store, if they have a Showroom that can be visited, if you prefer to feel and see the product in person. When you have done all your homework and are ready to buy a Rug Online or from a Rug Store, just bring along a cushion or a sample of wall colours, furniture, or anything else that has the same colour schemes of the area the Rug is planned for. This will speed up the process of finding a matching colour, and allow the staff at the store to better help you find something you want.

These simple tips should help save you time and money in finding the right Area Rug the first time around.

Having Trouble Finding the Right Size Floor Rug?

If you are having trouble finding the right size Floor Rug needed, you may have to look at having a Rug modified or customised to suit your needs. If this is needed, you will need to consider the design of the pattern and whether it will look okay after modification. For example, this design would be no problem as it has a standard type pattern throughout the entire Rug. 

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