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Natural Fiber Jute or Sisal Braided or Cotton Rugs

Natural Fiber Jute or Sisal Braided or Cotton Rugs from Scattermats is the perfect way to brighten your home in an environmentally conscious way. As your family, friends and pets use your natural fibre rug they will appreciate the fact that they are not standing on an artificial surface. The natural fibres used to make these rugs include sea grass, jute, hemp, sisal,cotton, viscose and recycled rags. These multi-area rugs will suit a variety of spaces in your home.

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The Natural Fiber Jute or Sisal Braided or Cotton Rugs for sale are easy to clean, just vacuum or shake them out and you’re all done. These rugs come in a selection of vibrant colours that will brighten up any room with plain as well as modern chevron patterns. These rugs are reversible and very affordable. Made in India, these rugs are perfect for a living room, bedroom or activity room.

The sea grass natural fibre rugs are a great way to have a unique, natural addition to your home. They come in a variety of colours and strong, durable and colourfast. The sea grass rugs are also anti-static, which makes cleaning a breeze.

Did you want your home to be stylish yet socially aware? Choose a recycled rag rug manufactured in India to brighten your home. These rugs are made of natural fibres from recycled cotton jumpers. Each recycled rag rug is a unique one-off design that will make you the envy of all your friends. These area rugs are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms or play rooms. These natural fibres rag rugs are stylish, affordable and comfortable.

Why choose a Scattermats Natural Fiber Jute or Sisal Braided or Cotton Rugs

  • They have a huge selection of colours and patterns
  • It is a way for you to be environmentally aware, choosing natural fibres over man-made ones.
  • They have rugs for sale at a competitive price that will suit your needs.
  • They now also accept PayPal, making it even easier to style your home with a new rug.
  • They provide affordable shipping rates, including free shipping for orders over $100*
  • They are Australian Family owned and operated.

You cannot go past these Scattermats natural fibres rugs when choosing a floor covering for your home. These rugs for sale are stylish, environmentally aware, affordable and comfortable. There is a huge range of fibres, colours and designs to choose from. If you want to be seen as green or just need something practical, then a Scattermats natural fibres rug is the way to go. Why not treat yourself to a Scattermats natural fibre rug today?

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