Sisal Rugs

Want to brighten up a room or cover up a cold floor without the distinctive feel or warmth retention of a pile carpet or rug?

Look no further than one of the contemporary sisal rugs from Scattermats.

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Woven flat with no pile, sisal rugs or flat-weave rugs often feature beautiful patterned designs. Some on both the top and underside, giving you twice the use and twice the design possibilities.

Lightweight and low-maintenance, a sisal rug offers easier cleaning than thickly piled rug. An ideal choice and feature piece for a for large, minimalist-style space with high foot traffic.

Buy Sisal Flat-Weave Rugs Online and Enjoy the Benefits:

A Natural, Textured Look

This adds immediate depth and character to any space.

Multi-Room Applications

Able to be placed in many different room sizes and types, for ease of customer use.


A stiff fibre from the sustain-ably harvested agave plant, sisal is an eco-friendly, biodegradable rug material.

Not only is it made by nature, it is hard-wearing in nature, so your sisal rug will stand the test of time even with plenty of foot traffic in a busy family home or office.


The anti-static properties naturally inherent to sisal means your sisal rug will repel dust, dirt and other debris making it a suitable option for a study, computer room or office.


This is due to sisal’s anti-static properties, which makes it a suitable floor protection option for allergy-prone individuals and asthmatics and again, for an office space where there are individuals with varying requirements.

Easy To Clean

A quick vacuum is all that’s needed.


A sisal rug can be an effective way for keeping the sound from outdoors out, enabling an office to remain distraction-free.

Naturally Colour-Fade Resistant

Even with exposure to sunlight, undyed sisal retains its rich brown hues if you’re after a natural-look sisal rug.


Which means you’re sure to find a sisal rug in a colour to suit your taste.

A Massage Underfoot

Enjoy the texture barefoot from the comfort of your home or home office.

Why Buy Your Next Sisal Rug From Scattermats?

A family-business, Scattermats has been in the rug industry since 1983 providing the largest range of reputable floor rugs and mats in a showroom and online in Australia, including quality sisal flat-weave rugs at budget-friendly prices.

Shipping is FREE for online orders over $100, Australia-wide*. Online orders are protected by Rapid SSL Security, and every single rug through our Perth rug store undergoes quality control testing pre-dispatch.

Give your contemporary living space character with a practical, long-lasting and statement-making sisal rug from Scattermats. Start browsing from the comfort of your home from our online store today. After some extra guidance? Feel free to get in touch, or introduce yourself at our Perth Warehouse.

 Author: "Neville Barnes"

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