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How to Stop Rugs From Slipping on Carpet Or Hard Floors

Tips on How to Stop your Mats or Rugs from Moving or Slipping Around

Floor Rugs and Door Mats are used for various reasons. Whether it be for comfort, aesthetics or for the wiping of feet, they almost always have a tendency to move around. The size and weight play a huge role in this, as the heavier and larger the rug the less chance of movement.
There are generally two types of floors that mats or rugs are placed on; carpet or hard surfaces. Both present different potential problems.

Rugs Slipping on Carpets

Rugs or door mats placed on carpets are the most difficult in terms of preventing movement, as all carpets have a pile.
This means that the top surface of the carpet is above the base of the hard floor, causing this area to form air voids and be compressed down when walked on.
Carpet pile will always move in one direction when compressed, so when a floor rug or door mat is placed on top and is walked on, the pile of the carpet moves sideways in one direction, usually making the rug move with it. The taller the pile the more chance of movement, but if the pile is very dense the sideways movement of the door mats or rugs is reduced.
It depends on which type of carpet used before determining the amount of control needed.

Area Rugs Slipping on Hard Floors

Area rugs on hard floors are the easiest to control. Generally, gloss tiles are the most slippery, followed by wood and non-gloss tiles and then vinyl.
One of the problems with hard floors is that people like floor rugs that have a smooth backing to prevent scratching, and if its thin or light it will slip very easily.
Movement of Mats and Rugs are a huge problem especially for safety, and for this reason alone some manufacturers make some floor mats and area rugs with a rubber backing already built in.
This can be a problem in itself as some types of rubber can harden and deteriorate over time if they are maintained incorrectly. Some good base rules are to use cold water and let it dry in the shade. do not use warm water and do not leave it in the sun to dry.

How to Stop Rugs Moving on Carpet or Hard Floors

There are a few different types of products available on the market, but we stock and recommend two specific types.
After many years of feedback from our customers and self-trials, the self-adhesive foam rug underlay seems to be one of the best ways to go.

Scattermats Rug Underlay Australia | Premium Self Adhesive Rug Lock

Rug underlay for carpet for hall runners is made with a special dry adhesive that will adhere to any surface and is to be placed on the underside of your mat or rug.
It's available in 60cm and 180cm wide, and it is really ideal for hallway runner rugs or event runners but can also be used with multiple lengths to cover floor area rugs too. How much to use is dependent on the situation. For example; type of carpet or how big the rug is or the amount of foot traffic in the area.

Total Grip Rug Pad Underlay

Total grip rug underlay is a must if your door mats, hallway rugs or kid's rugs are moving around on your carpet or hard floors. This is a white foam rug underlay material which is available in 3 pre-made sizes of 110x180, 180x220 and 180x270cm. We strongly recommend this for maximum control of movement, as it covers the majority of your problem rug, mat or hallway runner. 

Premium Rug Lock Rug Underlay Video Demonstration

  For instruction on how to use this product see this video below

Solution for Rugs moving on Hard floors

Anti-slip matting or rubber grip rug underlay is only suitable for hard floors and is not self-adhesive, it is dimpled and open to allow air to circulate to prevent moisture trapping.
The non-slip matting is placed under the floor rug, ideally the more the better. If you find that the rug moves off the matting, then you can spot glue it to the back of the area rug. Many people also use this for drawers in caravans for traveling.

Anti-Slip Rubber Grip Pad Rug Underlay

This is a white rubber rug grip rug underlay material which is available in 3 pre-made approximate sizes of 110x160, 150x220 and 180x280cm, as well as lengths 75cm or 180cm wide by the meter from a roll up to 25 meters. 
Scattermats Anti-Slip Rubber Grip Pad Rug Underlay Perth Online

We strongly recommend to make your rug non slip, as the safety of you and your loved ones or employees is paramount. Just place it under your mat/rug and then lay your rug down and that's it! You can also spot glue it to the back of your carpet rug if needed.

Rug Grip Rubber Rug Underlay Video Demonstration

For instruction on how to use this product see this video below 


I myself have used all these products on varying types of surfaces and they all perform extremely well. But as with everything, sometimes a 100% fix is not attainable. The best bet is to try and see or ask for advice if your problem is none of the above.