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Square Table Cloths

Our Square Table Cloths feature Over-locked Edges to prevent fraying and are suitable for the 120x120cm size Wooden Trestle Tables which are available in Packs of 5 in Colours of White or Black or Blue.


Scattermats Rug GuardScatterMats Advice is to use Rug Guard for Stain Protection

Specific Type Specific Value
Colour BLUE
Colour WHITE
Colour BLACK
Cleaning / Washability Hoseable in Cold Water
Stain Resistance Excellent
Vacuum Rating Extremely Easy
Method Of Construction Machine-Woven
Durability Extremely Durable
Material Polyester
Type Event Products
Additional Features Colourfast, Anti-Static, Moth Proof & Soil Repellent, Non-Shedding
Also Available In Other Colours & Sizes
Also Available In Matching Floor Rugs