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Silky Twist Braided Rope with Gold Hook End for Event Bollard Posts

This silky twist braided rope with gold hook end for event bollard stanchion posts are also available in other colours and types, see below.

Other attachments available are detachable 1.5 metre velvet ropes for the bollard stanchions in 4 different colours of black, red, white or blue with a silver hook end, otherwise a gold hook end with red velvet rope. For a more deluxe finish, you could order a Silky Twist Braided Rope for the bollard stanchions which is available in 3 colours of black red or white with a silver hook end.

Scattermats also has package deals available for a cheaper price that includes 3 posts and 2 velvet ropes.

Please allow for slight colour variations due to different computer and monitor settings.

Cleaning / WashabilityProfesionally Dry Cleaned
Country of ManufactureChina
Material TypeN/A
Pile TypeN/A
DurabilityVery Durable
Also Available In MatchingN/A
Also Available in OtherDesigns & Colours