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Event Bollard Stanchion Post

This Event Bollard Stanchion Post is 32D × 98.5cmH and also available in another colour such as a Gold finish.

Other attachments available are detachable 1.5m velvet ropes for the bollard stanchions in 4 different colours of Black, Red, White or Blue with a Silver hook end, otherwise a Gold hook end with Red Velvet Rope. For a more Deluxe finish, you could order a Silky Twist Braided Rope for the bollard stanchions which is available in 3 colours of Black Red or White with a Silver hook end, or Red or Black Silky Twist Braided Rope with a Gold hook end.

Scattermats also has package deals available for a cheaper price that includes 3 Posts and 2 Velvet Ropes.

Thickness N/A
Additional Features  
Also Available In Matching N/A
Also Available in Other Colours
Cleaning / Washability Hoseable in Cold Water
Country of Manufacture China
Durability Extremely Durable
Material Type N/A
Method Of Construction  
Pile Type N/A
Stain Resistance  
Vacume Rating  
Size N/A
Reversible No