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Event Bollard Stanchion Posts with Retractable Webbing

These Event Bollard Posts 32cmD × 88cmH come with a 1.8 metre Retractable Webbing and can be used to order lines and Queues within your premises, plus an added feature of rubber on the bottom of each post base to help prevent movement and damage to floors.

Other products that might be of interest that are available are detachable 1.5 metre velvet ropes for the bollard stanchions in 4 different colours of Black, Red, White or Blue with a Silver hook end, otherwise a Gold hook end with Red Velvet Rope. Or a more Deluxe finish, you could order a Silky Twist Braided Rope for the bollard stanchions which is available in 3 colours of Black Red or White with a Silver hook end, or Red or Black Silky Twist Braided Rope with a Gold hook end.

Scattermats also has package deals of Bollards and Ropes that includes 3 Posts and 2 Velvet Ropes.

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Cleaning / WashabilityHoseable in Cold Water
Country of ManufactureChina
DurabilityExtremely Durable
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