Stylish round rugs for warming up the modern home

Rugs are the perfect way to liven up bare floor real estate. With an enormous range of rugs from our online store, you can enjoy the elegance of a cosy round rug in your living room, dining or kitchen. What’s more, enjoy the convenience of home shipping straight to your door. Scattermats is a leading online provider of rugs of all shapes and sizes. We have a rug for everyone, ranging from traditional Persian floor attire and modern round rugs that lights up an empty floor. Passionate about rugs and floor mosaics, we keep things simple by offering a user-friendly online store with a massive range. OUR RANGE Our product listing is the largest online. In the traditional mode of rug purchase, sellers encourage you to choose a rug that speaks a meaning relevant to you, and only you. With the power of online selling we can offer you a greater selection than ever before. Here at Scatter Mats you can buy rugs of different sizes, colours and designs:   RUG INFORMATION An upfront and honest provider of floor drapery, we publish recent articles on rug upkeep. These include how to stop rugs moving, stain removal guides and how rugs are made. We want you to be happy in your purchase, so we publish a recommendations guide on what to consider what you need in a rug. Select the perfect material based on your climates, needs and desires, and learn what the right rug conditions are for your home. Or, are you considering buying through a more traditional process? Should you try before you buy, or are you content with having the flexibility and lower costs associated with online rugs? CONTACT US We have a team of customer service professionals ready to take on your queries about our rug selection. Simply contact us today.