Friendly, Shaggy Rugs to Liven up the Home

Beautiful shaggy rugs spill winter warmth all through your home, and can create a cosy look and feel for guests. Made in various materials and combinations of nylon, silk and cotton, you can bring home a rug which creates flavour on even the most stolid of wooden floorboards or dull carpets. With an enormous range of shaggy rug colours, shapes and styles, Scattermats can help you choose the right one. We are a premier provider of high quality rug sources in from all over the world, with an emphasis on style, quality and affordability, we have something for everyone. OUR CATALOGUE We have entire galleries of rugs across floor, kids and shaggy type ranges, and with access to an online warehouse you can get these rugs cheap. You can get the best selection of our rugs online as we can offer you a greater selection than ever before. Choose from the following:: DOUBLE STICH QUALITY Many of our rugs are designed with the double stitch quality. Double stitches are a way of making sure rugs will never fade nor fall apart, to test simply look at the rug from both ends of the room. The colour of the rug should change! Our best quality shaggy rugs are all double stitched and will never come undone or fade, even years after purchase! INFORMATIVE GUIDES We spend our free time keeping up to date in the rug industry, and ensuring our customers are satisfied. In order to better educate yourself on online rugs, have a read of our most popular guides: To buy rugs online at Scatter Mats, simply visit our official website or call us on 08 941 83567. You can also send us an online message. .