Technical Specifications:

Product description: Uniform Velour Surfaced Carpet Tile - Recyclable, There can be a +/- 5% difference (lighter/darker) between batches

Yarn / fibre: Durable Course Denier Softex Polyoleflin fibres - Fire Retardant treated

Manufactured: High Density Non Woven Needle-punch Carpet Construction

Pile heigh: T5.0mm +/- 0.5mm

Total Thickness: 7.0mm +/- 0.5mm

Total Weight: 6.8kg +/

Tile Size: 1000mm x 2000mm (2m2)

Backing Structure: Plus - flexible & heavy Polyolefin with imbedded glass fibre filaments for dimensional stabilization, fire retardant treated

Fibre Binder: Synthetic Latex - Fire Retardant treated

Layout options: Directional (arrows on carpet backing)

Installation: Carpet Tiles can be loose laid in temporary installations with the perimeter tiles anchored with a residue free double sided adhesive tape. In Permanent Installations, Carpet Ttile should be adhered with a pressure sensitive adhesive. Worn/Damaged Carpet Ttiles can be peeled up and replaced.

Australian Fire Rating: AS ISO 9239-1 Flammability Test resuts were achieved of CRF > 4.6 and Smoke < 400. Test certificate can be viewed on application.


PP Fibres are Naturally Chemically Inert (Resistant to dilute acids, alkalines and solvents) are Hydrophobic (will not rot) and Indoor user safe, Colour fast (extrude colouration).

Vacuum of general dust and grit. Periodical steam cleaning for soiling spills and odours. Spot clean liquid carpet cleaners and rinse clean with clean water. Dry wet tiles in the shade. Use PVC castor chair protectors to prolong tile life.


1) Plan the positiong for the Carpet Tiles by marking the floor with chalk lines for the joins.

2) Use a 20cm wide 6mm Nap Hair paint roller to apply the Pressure Sensitive (PS) Adhesive to the subfloor along the chalk lines.

3) Apply Pressure Sensitive Adhesive so all 4 sides of the Carpet Tiles are held.

4) Pressure Sensitive Adhesive will take about 20 minutes to be ready to then lay the tiles.  

5) When applied with a paint roller, 1lt of PS Adhesive covers approx 6m2

Specific Type Specific Value
Size 100X200CM
Colour Multi-Colour
Cleaning / Washability Hoseable in Cold Water
Thickness 7mm
Stain Resistance Excellent
Vacuum Rating Easy
Method Of Construction Needle Punch
Durability Extremely Durable
Type Event Products
Reversible No
Additional Features Colourfast, Anti-Static, Anti- bacterial, Water Repellant & Soil Repellent, Non-Shedding
Also Available In Other Colours