Find hemp rugs for a cosy rug experience

Hemp rugs are beautifully warm in winter, and a delightful summer addition to any home. Available cheaply and in a range of colours and patterns, hemp can spruce up a cold floor which is bereft of cover. An item which is ever growing in popularity but increasingly difficult to find great cost-value, you need to commission the experts when choosing a rug. Scattermats can offer a large range of modern, stylish rugs for your home. We are a fully online shopfront containing a rug range of unbeatable capacity. With all the benefits of home shipping and convenient postage and handling, we drive costs down while offering hemp rugs at the finest available quality. THE DOUBLE STITCH QUALITY TEST The best quality rugs are designed and made in a certain way. Our best quality hemp rugs are double stitched and will never come undone or fade, even years after purchase. The way you can tell a genuine Persian rug is if the colour scheme is lighter depending on which angle you look at it. If the colour is the same throughout, no matter how you look at it, the rug is single stitch and poorer quality. If the other angle produces a darker colour set, you have a perfect quality rug for years to come. RUG INFO – HEMP RUGS ONLINE As a leader in the rug industry, we believe in not just offering a shopping experience. We publish guides, tips and informative recommendations which can ensure you select the right rug, and keep down its wear and tear. Some of our guides include: To buy rugs online at Scatter Mats, simply visit our official website or call us on 08 941 83567. You can also send us an online message.