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Cosiness. Opulence. Style. Warmth. Cool. Incredible rugs can create any feeling you desire in your home. From woollen rugs made locally in Australia, to exotic magic carpets from the sands of Arabia, a high quality rug can make or break a room’s look and feel. Scattermats offers a full selection of rugs online for your convenience. Choose anything from oriental and Persian designs to our kids’ range. The choice is completely up to you, and we guarantee we have something for everyone. TIPS AND TRICKS   As well as acting as a leading provider in rugs online, we publish tips and tricks in the industry. For example,how to stop rugs moving and creating safety concerns in your home,stain removal guides and how rugs are made. MORE TIPS: WHAT TO CONSIDER   To determine if rugs online is the right avenue for you, consider what you need in a rug. Do you need to keep warm in winter with wool or synthetics? Or are you looking for a stylish cotton that won’t bog you down in the warm climate? Do you need to see what’s in-store before you buy, or are you content with having the flexibility of choosing a wider range online? OUR RANGE You won’t be disappointed by our range of high quality rugs online. We stock an enormous product listing that is sure to find you one that calls out and begs to be purchased. Here at Scatter Mats you can buy rugs of different sizes, colours and designs: CONTACT US Our people are always friendly and ever approachable. To ask any questions about our delightful range of high quality rugs online, simply speak to us today. We’re especially always looking for new ways to improve our online store, content and collection.