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Round Jute Rugs

This Hand-Spun Round Jute Rug has been Braided, then woven to create a stunning looking Chic Rug. When wear and tear becomes evident, reverse the Rug or flip it, try to do this as often as possible to ensure a even wear pattern. Try to prevent dirt from accumulating by thoroughly vacuuming your Rug on a weekly basis and don't use a steam cleaner. These Floor Rugs are not suitable for areas susceptible to moisture as they may slowly breakdown or become mouldy and for spills, blot liquid spills with a clean white rag and dry damp spots with a hair dryer.

Scattermats Rug GuardScattermats Advice is to use Rug Guard for Stain Protection

Carpet Rug Cleaning

Scattermats has tested a lot of products over 30 years and we only sell and recommend the best performing products. We strongly suggest using our Scattermats All Natural Rug Magic Spot Cleaner in conjunction with our Scattermats Rug Guard.

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Thickness 8mm
Cleaning / Washability Profesionally Dry Cleaned
Country of Manufacture India
Method Of Construction Braided Weave
Material Type Jute
Stain Resistance Moderate
Durability Very Durable
Additional Features Colourfast, Anti-Static
Also Available In Matching N/A
Vacume Rating Very Easy
Also Available in Other Colours & Sizes