Natural Cow Hide Patchwork Round Area Rugs

Looking for something different and a touch of class like Scattermats natural cowhide patchwork round area rug. As these patchwork rugs are manufactured from natural hide materials, they will vary slightly from the next in colour and patch shapes. These leather rugs will draw ones eye and add zest to appeal with its boldness in character and style class, and one might say they add an audacious yet warm feeling to the room.

Cowhide Rugs Low Qualities to be Aware Of!!

When shopping for cowhide rugs, be aware! If the price is low then the quality of the patchwork hide rug may be substandard. It should be shiny and soft to touch, meaning it 's had a bit of time spent in the tanning process. Remember if you do opt for a cheaper B Grade patchwork hide rugs, then be prepared for a rug that may have wrinkles or not sit flat due to poor manufacturing etc. 

So bearing that in mind, the high quality hides are really the only way to go, they may cost a little more, but at least your cow hide rug will lay flat on the floor, and not look wrinkled, making them look cheap.

Specific Type Specific Value  
Thickness 5mm
Type Area Rug
Cleaning / Washability Profesionally Dry Cleaned
Material Leather & Felt
Pile Type Flat Surface
Stain Resistance Excellent
Durability Extremely Durable
Additional Features Colourfast, Anti-Static, Moth Proof, Anti- bacterial, Low-Flammable & Soil Repellent
Also Available In Other Designs & Colours & Sizes
Style Cowhide
Vacuum Rating Extremely Easy