Natural CowHide Rugs

Looking for something different and a touch of class like Scattermats natural cowhide rugs. These all natural cow hides are different from the next in colour, size and shape and will last for many years to come. These skin rugs will add a touch of exotic glamour, not to mention add life to an existing palette of any room by the inclusion of unusual features like, solid colours to variations of shapes, colours and designs. The cow hides will draw ones eye and add zest to appeal with its boldness in character and style class, and one might say they add an audacious yet warm feeling to the room.

Beside these natural cow skin rugs, Scattermats also stocks and sells printed African animal skins, like tiger skins, white tiger and zebra cowhides, just to name a few.To ensure high quality of these authentic visually dramatic looking African animal cowhide prints, the colours have been deep screen printed right through to the base for that genuine exotic safari look. 

Cowhide Rugs Low Qualities to be Aware Of!!

When shopping for cowhide rugs be aware! If the price is low then 9 times out of ten so will the quality of the cowhide. One of the first things to ask is whether the cow skin is soft and pliable, and I mean really soft, if it is just a little bit stiff it wont sit flat ever!! The coats should be shiny and soft to touch, with good shaping. If it has nice flowing shapes and is fairly symmetrical with no long bits sticking out, then it 's a sign a bit of time was spent producing the cow hide and it may be okay. Also there should be no repairs or marks including branding on the hides, unless that is what your after. Remember if you do opt for a cheaper B Grade cowhide, then be prepared for all the edges to curl up and roll up too, this is called cigaring. These hides haven't had quality tanning and have lost moisture and oils in the tanning process. Another factor if buying your hides online is the sizes, some stores are selling animal skin rugs as large sizes when they are only small to medium in size, so remember to always ask for the length and widths plus the square meter size too.

So bearing that in mind, the AAA grade hides are really the only way to go, they may cost a little more, but at least your cow hide rug will lay flat on the floor, and not look wrinkled and curl up around the edges making them look cheap.

Specific Type Specific Value  
size 175x178cm
Thickness 3mm
Type Shape Rugs
Cleaning / Washability Profesionally Dry Cleaned
Method Of Construction Hide / Sheepskin
Material Leather
Durability Extremely Durable
Vacume Rating Extremely Easy
Reversible No
Style Cowhide
Material Leather

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