Why woollen rugs are so good

Woollen Rugs

If you are looking for a new rug for your home, you’ll find there are a range of choices available. Many people think wool rugs are old fashioned or outdated and that rugs made from synthetic materials are better for their homes, this is not necessarily true. There are a few good reasons why you should consider a wool rug for your home from Scattermats.
  • DENSITY: Woollen rugs have been around for thousands of years and have been used by those who want a quality rug. Wool is a very durable fiber – it will hold a dye and yet repels water – it has a lot of properties that makes owning a wool rug a great investment. Because it is dense it’s so easy to clean If you put the rug on a sandy surface and throw sand on it – it will fill with sand but if you shake it out you’ll find most of the sand comes off. Wool rugs are quite heavy and this makes them perfect for wooden floors or tiles as it won’t move around so much.
  • HISTORY:  Wool rugs have been used for centuries and that’s because they are the best rug to own. Persian rugs have been made from wool since day one because they know how good wool is to work with. Rugs were used on the floors of nomadic tents not just because they were comfortable – but because they were durable too. Not only do wool rugs from Scattermats last a long time and are easy to clean, they also absorb humidity – this means that they can make a room cooler and more comfortable on hot days.
The great thing about online wool rug stores such as Scattermats is the variety they have available for sale from wool rugs to man-made fiber rugs in a range of exciting shapes, styles, sizes colours and patterns. From traditional to modern you can get a wool rug in a range of shades, patterns and sizes to suit your taste.