The Undeniable Benefits of Underlays: Enhancing the Comfort and Durability of Your Rugs and Runners

Author: Jake  

When you are looking at buying a new rug or runner, it's not just about the design and style. Ensuring the longevity, comfort, and safety of your flooring investment is equally crucial. That's where buying an underlay steps in as a game-changer.

One of the key selling points of underlay is the exceptional amount of grip and stability it can add to your rugs and runners. It being specifically designed to keep rugs and runners securely in place helps immensely with preventing slips, trips, and falls. It is exactly for this reason that if you are buying a non-rubber backed rug or runner for an elderly family member, a home with active children, or any other use case where preventing trips and falls is essential, we strongly recommend buying an underlay to help make your home as safe as possible.

Protecting loved ones is not all underlay is good for. It also works to protect underlying flooring. The cushioning effect of, for example our Teebaud underlay (Seen below), acts as a shock absorber, reducing the impact of foot traffic for runners (an appropriate runner Teebaud solution can be found here), and in the case of rugs, can help prevent the weight of furniture from damaging floors (likewise a relevant rug sized underlay can be found here). This extra layer of protection helps to prevent premature wear and tear, extending the lifespan of even the most delicate of carpets and floorboards.

For the absolute best experience with non-rubber backed rugs and runners, we at Scattermats recommend investing in an appropriate underlay to not only improve the safety of your home, but also for the added durability and protection that an underlay provides.

As always, us at the Scattermats team thank you for reading; and if you need any help with your rug and runner related business, feel free to call, email, or visit us instore!


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