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Dual Purpose Rug Anti-Slip Underlay

This dual purpose Rug anti-slip underlay is a great help in alleviating problems with rugs moving around. Remember, this non-slip rug underlay is only for reducing the movement of mats on top of hard floors or carpted floors, but is not a 100% guarantee!! This product is very successful in reducing the movement of mats moving on approximately 90% of carpets.

How to install this Anti-Slip Rug Underlay

When installing this anti-slip rug underlay, we strongly recommend for maximum control to cover the majority of your problem rug, leaving 10-15cm in from the edges is fine but not essential. Be sure the back of your rug is vacuumed thoroughly,  turn your carpet or rug upside down, place the Underlay onto the back of your rug by either rolling out or unfolding out with the plastic up, lay it on with the correct side facing to the runner rug, (for on top of carpet, face the white to the carpeted floor), (for on top of hard floors, face the white to the back of your runner rug).

Thickness 2-3mm
Product Type Rug Underlay
Reversible Yes