5 Reasons to Buy from ScatterMats

1.  Massive Product Range with Rugs Hanging for Easy Viewing

  • Choose from a massive Range that includes Traditional Rugs, Modern Rugs, plain and patterned Floor Rugs, and a kaleidoscope of colours to choose from.
  • We offer a broad range of textured Rugs such as Shag Rugs, Acrylic Hand Tufted Rugs, Heat Set Woven Polypropylene Rugs, Heat-Set Twist Pile Rugs, Flat weave (Sisal look) Rugs, Art Silk Rugs and even Natural fibre Rugs.
  • We have everything from small Door Mats to large family room sized Rugs, most with a selection available in Matching Set lengths and Continuous Hallway Runner Rugs!
  • We stock Kids Rugs such as Picture and Animal Rugs, brightly coloured Circle Rugs, and even some Bath Mat sets that are suitable for kids!
  • Over 3000 Rugs and Mats to choose from online and over 500 Rugs hanging in our Perth showroom for your easy viewing.
  • We offer Rug Accessories such as Non-slip Underlay for all Floor surfaces, and even Cleaning products for maintaining your Carpets.

2.  Warehouse Prices with Full Refund for Instore Purchases, Online Purchases Exchange Only

  • You'll save money, as we import some of our Rugs directly from different manufacturers.
  • We may Exchange Online purchases if you think your item was not suitable, no matter whether it's the wrong colour, size or you just don't like it.  
  • We will fully refund Instore purchases within 24 hours if your item was not suitable, no matter whether it's the wrong colour, size or you just don't like it.
  • Customers constantly comment on how low our prices are and the consistent pricing with no pretend sales.

3.  We can Modify and Overlock/Bind Carpets, Rugs & Runners In-store

  • Bring in your leftover Carpet and we can Cut and Overlock them to your personalised requirements.
  • Hallway Runner Rugs are Custom Cut to your required length and Overlocked Instore, while you wait.
  • Rugs can be modified to your specifications and completed Instore.
  • We can Remove old Rug Fringes and replace them with neat Overlocking, or just Repair damaged Rug Edges.
  • We can join Carpets or Rugs to make larger Mats.
  • Carpet Edging will usually be ready within 5 business days.
  • We can even do Special Shaped Carpets like Boat Carpet.

4.  You'll Save Time and Money When You Shop with ScatterMats Online

  • Over 3000 Rugs, Mats and Hall Runners are featured on our website.
  • Free* Shipping Australia Wide* for Orders over $100, with a $15 Flat Fee* for Online orders up to $100, See ScatterMats General Shipping Info.
  • Feel safe knowing that you are shopping on a secure website, as we are covered by Rapid SSL Security and covered up to $10,000 in Warranty.
  • You can browse our extensive Range of our Floor Rugs, Mats and Hallway Rugs from the comfort of your home.
  • Pre-select your Rugs Online, then view them in the Showroom before you buy.
  • Shop & buy Rugs online to save time & money.

5.  Our Product Quality is Guaranteed with a 12 Month Warranty

  • We are a true specialist Rug store focused on quality products, not a chain store focused on advertising.
  • All our rRgs and Mats are individually inspected for faults and damage before being displayed.
  • We only carry quality products that last, hence why we offer 12 month Warranties, Refunds and Exchanges.
  • You'll receive personalised and honest advice on all products and different quality options.
  • You can shop with confidence, as we'll gladly replace any faulty product within 12months of purchase from our store.

                    For more details about the above see our Terms and Conditions.