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2.78m x 3.7m Black & White Checkered Easy Assemble Portable Dance Floor

Our Portable Checkered Black and White Dance Floors are easy to clean and maintain, easy to assemble, anti-slip, self draining, lightweight and durable with an ABS resin semi-gloss finish surface. Utilising a simple interlocking panel system there is no experience, training or tools required for installation. Simply drop and click the dance squares into place and clip in the aluminium edges and the simple snap clip system will ensure the floor is secure and holds in place.

This 2.78m x 3.7m package deal comprises of:
24 x Black and 24 x White Tiles
4 x Aluminium Borders with Corners 800mm Long
4 x Aluminium Borders 462.5 mm Long
4 x Aluminium Borders 693mm Long
6 x Aluminium Borders 925mm Long

Each tile measures 462mm (D) x 462mm (W) x 20mm (H), Aluminium edges are 110mm wide.

Portable Dance Floor Intallation Instructions

Step 1: Turn the tile squares upside down and remove all the locking clips that are locacted in the base bottoms, there should be 7, now install them into the clip recepter holes in the sides of the tiles with the hook part of the clip facing upwards , 3 on 1 side and 2 for the other 2 sides, 1 side has none. For removing clips, simply squeeze the leg clips together and pull out.

Step 2: Lay the tile squares loosely on the floor face up, start with the 3 clips facing you with blank side facing away, now grab the next tile with the 3 clips facing you and push into the first tile, then another and so on. Continue to the desired length, then turn and start the same procedure in the opposite direction as the first row, but now you will need to clip the 2 clip side into the first row as you go.

For removal, just do the reverse of steps 1 and 2.

Step 3: Clip in all the aluminium border edges into place.


Specific Type Specific Value  
Cleaning / Washability Hoseable in Cold Water
Thickness 20mm
Vacuum Rating Extremely Easy
Durability Extremely Durable
Type Event Products
Reversible No
Additional Features Colourfast, Anti-Static, Moth Proof, Anti- bacterial, Low-Flammable, Water Repellant & Soil Repellent, Non-Shedding
Also Available In Other Colours & Sizes