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Nursery Kids Rugs

To create a warm and comfortable environment for your baby, it’s a great idea to use nursery rugs. Your child’s nursery is a place where your infant spends a lot of time so you need to create a place with a happy and relaxed ambiance. Other than providing soft, comfortable flooring, the right nursery rugs can also inspire and educate your children. The come in many styles including plat rugs, educational rugs, contemporary rugs, and novelty rugs.

Choose from rugs adorned with pink hearts, fluttering butterflies, hopscotch, or flowers for young girls. Boys will love the variety of car street rugs and vehicles such as space ships, tractor diggers and boats. You'll find something to suit every taste and budget. Remember babies crawl and their mouths are often in contact with the floor surfaces, and as most of our kids range of rugs are washable in cold water, they can be maintained in top condition and kept clean with little effort.

Natural materials are another option, especially wool. Wool is a natural anti bacterial, hypoallergenic and it’s fire resistant. Being natural, wool is bio degradable, an important consideration for environmentally responsible households. Other than being non toxic and non allergenic, nursery rug materials should be very soft and gentle to the touch. Having a rug on the floor provides a safer and soft support when your child is learning to walk.


Benefits of Nursery Rugs

Rugs for babies help provide comfortable support as your baby learns to crawl and walk, giving you piece of mind. Rugs are portable so you can take them wherever your baby goes, such as on picnics or car trips. You can even use them to line the play pen later.


Buying Nursery Rugs

As mentioned above, your choice of style depends on the gender of your baby. Once you know that, you can browse the online catalogue of fine nursery rugs offered by Scattermats Rug Warehouse. Simple make your choice online for fast delivery right to your door. Contact Scattermats Rug Warehouse for the best deals on nursery rugs. Order online to get free delivery* to anywhere in Australia for orders over $150. Scattermats has a great selection of rugs for sale for nurseries. A rug is a great addition to your baby’s nursery or makes a great gift for an expecting friend. Scattermats’ nursery rugs will suit you and your baby’s needs.


Why Choose a Scattermats Nursery Kids Rug?

  • They have a huge selection of colours and patterns
  • They have rugs for sale at a competitive price that will suit your needs.
  • They now also accept PayPal, making it even easier to style your home with a new rug.
  • They provide affordable shipping rates, including free shipping for orders over $150*
  • They are Australian Family owned and operated.


What makes Scattermats nursery rugs ideal for me?

Scattermats nursery rugs range includes rugs for children of all ages. Some of the variety includes:

  • Brightly coloured rugs in an assortment of colours and textures to match any child or baby’s room.
  • Different sizes and shapes to fit in any area.
  • Interactive play rugs including street maps, snakes and ladders, hopscotch and more.
  • Educational rugs including the alphabet and numbers.
  • Quiet time mats for rowdy children.
  • A selection of cushions to match these nursery rugs.
  • A choice of natural and synthetic fibres

Your child will love a Scattermats nursery rug with some of their favourite characters, including Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer, Ben 10, Thomas the Tank Engine, Superheroes and Princesses. Educational nursery rugs come in many different styles, including ABCs, numbers, farm and jungle animals and a map of Australia amongst others. Your only problem will be trying to decide which of these rugs to choose!

As your child goes from tummy time to sitting to crawling to walking, a Scattermats nursery area rug is perfect for this time. A Scattermats rug will provide comfort, style and joy to your child’s nursery as they grow and learn. Scattermats has rugs for sale that are a great addition to your child’s nursery as they are easily washable and come in a variety of natural fibres such as wool and cotton, ideal for the environmentally conscious household.

Scattermats nursery rugs come in a variety of styles that will suit any child. With a huge selection of colours, styles, textures and interactive play designs, a Scattermats nursery rug will keep your child comfortable and cosy as they learn to play and grow. Not only will Scattermats nursery area rugs suit your child, but they will also suit your budget and tastes.