Need Cheap Offcut Carpet Runners for Weddings or Exhibitions

This offcut cheap budget aisle runner is perfect for weddings, exhibitions, corporate displays or an entrance to a function, whatever the occasion. As these event runner rolls are so cheap, they can be used as many times as you like and then throw away. There are only 4 colours of this ribbed range that are rubber backed for non-slip on hard floor surfaces, this is a must for safety and piece of mind, it's much better without the worry of people slipping over, and is definitely a selling point, these 4 products. All the other colours in this range have a hard fire retardant pre-coat backing, giving more rigidity for use on softer surfaces, and real plus as these have a peel off plastic protective film to enable the carpet to stay totally clean until the last moment.

Characteristics of this Budget Event Runner 

Some of these Event Carpet Runners can be cut to length off a roll up to 40m - 50m long, and are available in 100cm or 200cm widths. The approximate weight of a full 200cm wide roll is around 55kg, this is quite manageable for 1person with a trolley to maneuver around, or for 2 or 3 people to carry.  Another plus with these event runners is that they wont Frey, so it doesn't require any edging at all, these wedding runners can also be cut to any shape or size with a good pair of scissors or Stanley knife.

 Value For Money Rating out of 5: 

Thickness 3mm
Cleaning / Washability Hoseable in Cold Water
Country of Manufacture China
Method Of Construction Fire Retardant Pre-coat Backing
Stain Resistance Average
Durability Average Durability
Additional Features Colourfast, Anti-Static, Moth proof
Also Available In Matching N/A
Vacume Rating Easy
Also Available in Other Colours & Sizes