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Carpet Cleaning Products Scattermats Rug Magic All Natural Spot Cleaner 500ml

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Scattermats Rug Magic Spot Cleaner

Some of what Scattermats Rug Magic should remove is: Blood, Wine, Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Food, Cola, Engine Oil, Grease (depends on quantity), Tomato, Kiddies Markers, Lipstick, Crayons etc. Rug Magic can be used on many types of rugs and carpets, Modern Rugs, Traditional Design Rugs, Kids Rugs, Wool Rugs, Indoor / Outdoor Rugs, Hallway Runner Rugs, Circle Rugs, Shaggy Rugs and even Animal Skin / Picture Rugs, just follow the instructions. Perfect to use in conjunction with our Scattermats Rug Guard. Here is a demo of this cleaner for you to watch.


Trial Video Demonstration:

When we did a trial with tomato sauce being rubbed into a very light rug sample with a 80% acrylic / 20% wool fiber. One half of the sample we had applied the Scattermats Rug Guard and the other half was untreated.


The treated area with the Scattermats Rug Guard,  the stain took three separate spray applications using Scattermats all Natural Rug Magic Spot cleaner using a damp clean cloth, with rubbing the area in 2 or three directions but not scrubbing, the stain was removed after 3 applications. The untreated area, I used the same procedure but after 3 applications of the all natural cleaner the stain was still quite noticeable, I then tried a chemical based cleaner with 3 more applications and the stain was still not completely removed.


The treated area with the rug guard was by far superior for the stain removal. The stain on the untreated area may have come out eventually with few more applications but the treated area was definitely stain free. Note! Using different types of cleaners may have varying results.

Carpet Cleaning Products Scattermats Rug Magic All Natural Spot Cleaner 500ml
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Cleaning / Washability No
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