Say Hello to Our Team!

Author: Jake  

Scattermats Rugs & Runners new Location and Team!

Now fully settled into our new location in Welshpool, we thought it would be good to get you aquanted with the full team here.

Firstly, introducing our heavy hitters, Nev and Denise Barnes. The current owners and inheritors of this 40 year old family buisness, Nev and Denise have been in the rug buisness nearly as long as most of the staff has been alive. While not as frequently present instore as they used to be, make no mistake, these two are still busily ensuring that all of the behind the scenes heavy lifting is getting done.

Secondly, we move on to the current instore manager, Mitchell. Mitch has been with Scattermats for a full 5 years. He is the current man behind the helm at the instore location, and will be the main point of contact digitally and in person for most of our customer inquiries as well as our onhand expert for any ideas that fall outside the normal.

Next we should talk about Teyrani, Having been with the team for nearly 2 years, Teyrani, once a diesel mechanic, now uses her skillset to not just sell rugs, but also act as our all around handy man, as well as our delivery driver, moving our commercial jobs all around Perth in Scattermat's good ol' van.

Last but not least, we look at the latest member of the team, Jake, the current writer of this here blog post. I have been with team for nearly two months now. Thankfully I am settling in to the flow of buisness here at Scattermats, and will be hoping to be with the team until my degree in secondary teaching is finished.

And thats the full team!  

Pictured below, from left to right: Jake, Mitch, Denise, Teyrani, and Nev.


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