Wool floor rugs – the natural alternative

Wool Floor Rugs - The Natural Alternative

Just about any room in your house is suited to floor rugs, and if you are looking for woolen floor rugs – then Scattermats is your one stop shop. Wool floor rugs work in any home and are a great addition to any room; they can change the look and feel of any room and can actually bring a feeling of vibrancy and vitality into the room. Wool rugs can be moved around quite easily and are very flexible, as rugs are not attached to the floor they are so easy to move from room to room or just around your floor (till you find that perfect spot!). Wool floor rugs are also quite durable and comfortable, and are great if you want to enhance the look of the flooring you have down – be it carpet, laminate, tiles or floor boards. Scattermats have a range of wool rugs available to buy in a variety of styles, shapes, colours and prices. Starting as low as $169.00 wool floor rugs are affordable, they look good and they feel good, they are long lasting (when cared for properly)  and they are soft to sit on or lay on, - great for children who like to sit on the floor reading or playing. The good thing is if you don’t like how one floor rug looks in a room, you can try it in another room. Wool rugs are long lasting rugs and this makes them a great investment for your home. Thanks to the amazing range of floor rugs Scattermats stocks, you can buy rugs in all shapes and sizes, colours and patterns – perfect for any size room. Wool rugs are made to last and will give you many years of wear and tear with handcrafted rugs providing even better quality. While wool floor rugs are long lasting you still need to take proper care of them, try and position your rugs in a *low traffic* area of your home – somewhere where people are not walking back and forth over the rug day in and day out. Pick a quite place where it can be used and admired.