Why you should buy your rugs online

There are so many different factors that contribute to the price of a rug – these factors include
  • Materials used
  • Place of manufacture
  • Quality and design of the rug
It is often for this reason that rugs in general are quite expensive. The top reason for buying rugs online from Scattermats is simple – the price. When you walk into an actual store in addition to the price of the rug, the store owner has to include other costs, including manpower, rent, delivery charges, and other expenses; these are often added to the selling price. These additional charges you can do without. When you buy rugs online through Scattermats there are no unnecessary or extra fees and charges. Apart from the price when you buy rugs online you are assured you are buying QUALITY rugs. When you buy from a store you’ll often find while you can touch and feel the product you can’t return it for a refund. Online retailers like Scattermats want your business, they want and have an excellent reputation and they only want to give YOU the best customer experience available. It is for that reason they offer an excellent refund/exchange policy. The place of manufacture of the rug and the materials used are also big factors that affect the price of a rug. For many people it’s hard to tell a real Persian rug from a fake Persian rug. When you buy rugs online through Scattermats you can see all the manufacturing details listed on the website, you don’t have to rely on a salesman getting the information right. When the rug is shipped to your door it’s your guarantee it has been sent to you from the right place. When you buy a rug you want to be sure it’s the right one for you. Buying rugs online allows you the opportunity to take your time, there is no rush and you don’t have to feel *pressured* into buying something so you didn’t keep the salesman waiting. At Scattermats you can sit, relax and take your time viewing the huge range of colours, shapes, designs and patterns available to buy.