Why you need to buy rugs

If you have just bought a new place to live in or moved into a rental property you are probably thinking you have bought EVERYTHING you need, but still have that niggly feeling that something is missing – that something missing could be a rug. Often when you think your room needs that small finishing touch – it probably just needs a nice rug. You can buy rugs online simply and easily from Scattermats. Usually a nice floor rug is just what any home needs. Rugs have been around for a very long time with archaeologists finding remnants of rugs dating back to early man. As man evolved they found that many items could be made into rugs using wool and other materials – even animals skins could be placed on the floor as a rug. The oldest surviving rug was found by a Russian archaeologist while excavating an ancient burial site in 1949. The carpet dates back to the 5th century BC and due to its design it drew quite a lot of attention. Floor rugs not only add warmth, colour or brightness to a room, they also help protect your floor – they are great on lino, tiles, and hardwood flooring. If you pick a rug with a great colour or design it can be the center of attention in your room. Once you buy rugs for your home from Scattermats you need to care for them correctly. Depending on the placement of your rug it can become a *magnet* for dirt and stains – you can’t sweep a rug; you’ll need to vacuum it, and be careful of liquids around your rug. Scattermats do have a range of rug cleaning products that you can purchase when you buy rugs online. Liquids if spilt on your rugs can cause stains so always deal with any accidental spills as soon as they happen. Floor rugs unfortunately have been quite under-rated but they are an important way to make a room look and feel better. Scattermats have a range of materials, shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and designs available for purchase to make your home look stunning.