Why use a contemporary rug?

Contemporary Rugs

To display a contemporary rug in your home has become popular and there are many different ways to display these rugs from Scattermats. Home decor has become a popular trend and while a lot of homes don’t use carpet runners or round rugs in their homes the use of them is becoming more and more popular. Depending on how you want to decorate your home and how your rooms are laid out the addition of contemporary rugs can change the look and feel of a room completely. You can change the look of a bare and cold room into a warm and inviting one. One of the main reasons for using a contemporary rug is to lift and to *break up* a room that is all one colour. Contemporary rugs from Scattermats are the perfect way to add a splash of colour or some pattern to a room. The more vibrant the contemporary rug is the more impact it will have on the room. There is of course a fine line between bright and too over the top so take time to choose your rug from Scattermats carefully. A contemporary rug should add life to a room, not make it hard to be in. Try and stay *on theme* with your contemporary rug it’s there to also break up the look and the feel of the floor. There are a lot of flooring types that can be enhanced by adding a stylish contemporary rug – as long as its placed in the right area. You can revitalise your whole floor by adding a rug to break up the pattern – tiled floors, floorboards, lino and even concrete are perfect places for using contemporary rugs. Not only do rugs break up a pattern they also add some comfort to what is basically a hard and cold floor. Contemporary rugs are great to use for practical reasons also – apart from comfort and making the room look more inviting, they can also help keep your floor clean, especially if used near doorways. Some of the cheaper contemporary rugs make great door mats while protecting the floor underneath them – they also catch the dirt and grime from shoes.