Why pick a Flat Weave Rug?

Author: Jake  

Flat weave rugs are a popular choice for many households due to their versatile design and durability. These rugs are made by weaving threads together to create a flat surface, without any pile or knots. This construction gives flat weave rugs a unique look and feel that makes them perfect for a wide range of interior styles. 

An example of a nice flatweave is our Dandelon Flatweave rug pictured below.

One of the primary benefits of flat weave rugs is their durability. Because of their construction, flat weave rugs are less likely to shed or wear down compared to other types of rugs. They are also easier to clean, as there is no pile or knots to trap dirt or debris. Our range of Sunrise flat weaves are so durable in fact, that the recommended cleaning procedure is to take them outdoors, hose them down, and leave them to dry in the shade.

Because of these properties, flat weave rugs are a popular choice for kitchens, as they are easy to clean, can withstand spills and stains, and are water resistant. Many people order our custom length runner flatweave rugs for their kitchens, with their rubber backing they provide a non-slip durable barrier between the floor and any mess, while also keeping your feet warm.

For similar reasons to why flat weaves are commonly used in kitchen floors, they are also often used in entryways and hallways. Their wear resistance, and tolerance to stains and spills makes them ideal for areas with high foot traffic that can bring in dirt and debris. Many of our flat weave runners, such as our Brown Black Sunrise Runner (pictured below), also come in earthy tones, which can help to further disguise any dust or dirt that might be brought into the house, making the runner look cleaner for longer 

Flat weave rugs are a versatile and durable choice for any home. Whether you're looking to add colour to your living room or create a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom, a flat weave rug can help you achieve your desired look. As always, the team at Scattermats thanks you for reading, if you have any queries or questions feel free to call, email, or come into our showroom and we would be more than happy to help you with any of your rugs and runner needs!

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