Why buying rugs online makes sense

Why Buying Rugs Online Makes Sense

So, you decided you need to buy a rug – where do you buy a rug from? First you wrack your brain trying to recall the local shops – which ones sell rugs? Okay, you’ve thought of a place, but you now have to ask yourself this –

  • How do I get it home?
  • Will a rug fit in the boot of my car?
  • Can I tie it to the roof of my car?
  • Will it get damaged?
  • Does the store deliver? If so – how much will that cost?

Perhaps the thought of buying a rug online doesn’t feel right, you want to touch and feel the rug, see the colour for yourself, if I buy a rug online how do I know it’s really what I want? Will the size be right? Will the colour be right? Will I like the look and feel of it? Is it going to be good quality? How much will it cost to deliver? What kind of service will I get? These are all very good questions. When you buy a rug online from Scattermats you won’t have any worries. With it’s easy to use website and wide range of rugs in all shapes and sizes, all the colours of the rainbow, patterns, plain, indoor and outdoor, shaggy, oriental, Persian, wool and natural fibre , modern, cowhide and leather, hallway runners and children’s rugs. Scattermats is your one stop shop to buy rugs online. Scattermats accepts pay-pal and all major credit cards, with a simple to use checkout system that is safe and secure you can’t go wrong. Place an order over $100 and the shipping is free, under $100.00 Scattermats provides a flat $15 delivery fee Australia wide. Scattermats also have a list of useful stain removing tips on their website available 24/7 with care and maintenance guides so your rug always looks its best. Scattermats is your one stop shop when buying rugs online, cheap but good quality rugs from a wide range of manufacturers; they have everything you need for your home or office, why would you buy rugs online anywhere else.