Why artificial grass might be the solution you are looking for

Everyone loves that healthy looking green lawn, but today people just don’t have the time and money to *invest* on keeping their lawn, watered, fed and trimmed. At one point in time those beautiful fresh green manicured lawns were only for those who had the money to pay for a full time gardener and landscape designers. Then – along came artificial grass. This has given everyone the opportunity to have that lawn they have always dreamed of – without the need to feed and water and mow the grass – your well manicured lush green lawn stays that way 365 days a year. Artificial grass – available to by online from Scattermats is affordable and installation is so simple anyone can do it. Artificial grass will *pay for itself* in no time- to maintain a green lawn it can become a huge expense in itself – you need to water it, feed it, kill or remove the weeds, whipper snip and mow it, and in summer you’ll find you need to water your lawn more often to keep it to that lovely green colour thanks to the sun drying it out. Artificial grass doesn’t need any of that attention; it’s a practical way to have green grass without all the hassles of a natural lawn, artificial grass from Scattermats is easy to maintain, easy to install and very cost effective. The benefits of using or installing artificial grass are quite simple.
  • SAFETY – it is a great surface for children, it doesn’t attract bees and ants and other insects that can bite or sting your child and thanks to the rubber top if they do fall while running around they are less likely to hurt themselves.
  • RELAXING – That rich green colour of artificial grass is soothing and is a perfect way to relieve stress and improve your mood.
  • COMFORT – you may find walking and sitting on artificial grass is more comfortable thanks to the layer of rubber under the green which makes it bouncy and soft – anyone who does fall on the grass will have a safe landing.