What you need to know about cow hide rugs

Cowhide Rugs

There are many items that can be made or used from cowhides – including ottomans, jackets, place-mats, table runners, purses, bags, rugs and so much more. Part of the production of cowhide rugs is the tanning process, this works at softening the hide and making it less prone to molting and cigaring or curling, this means that both the hide and the item that is made from it – lasts longer. If you are looking for a different rug from Scattermats you can’t go past cowhide rugs. They are the most widely used rugs that feel very casual and look expensive. Cowhide rugs have become so popular you’ll find that many modern homes have at least one cowhide rug, with pieces of furniture and decorator items inspired by the look and feel of a cowhide rug. People love the texture of a cowhide rug and there are so many colours and patterns available that can bring a safari like look and feel to your living space. For many it’s the natural look and feel of the cowhide rugs, while stenciled and dyed rugs are also popular, Scattermats sell both natural cowhide rugs and stenciled or coloured rugs. This allows you to have a modern looking cowhide rug without looking like your home is on the set of Bonanza. Cowhide rugs can be stenciled to mimic other animal skins including lions and tigers. Patchwork rugs can also be made from patches of leather or cowhide sewn together and can be arranged and sewn to form any shape or pattern.  If you want your cowhide rug from Scattermats to last a long time you need to clean and care for it properly. The best way to keep a cowhide rug clean is to give it a light vacuum using a soft bristle brush add-on or it can be shaken quite vigorously outside. If you spill something gently stroke the rug, following the natural grain of the hair with a very slight damp cloth– leave to air dry for 24 hours. As no 2 cowhides are the same, you are guaranteed to have a totally unique rug that no other person in the world has!