What To Consider When Choosing Kids' Rugs

Playtime is incredibly important for your kids. It keeps them healthy and physically active while also developing their imagination, creativity, and personal growth. But kids can be active and messy, which makes choosing the right rug for them that much more important. Hardwood, tile, and concrete are great flooring materials for your house, but not very conducive or safe for your children to crawl, roll around, and play on. Adding an area rug gives them the space they need to be kids without having to change your floors entirely. A colourful rug can liven up their room and make it more interesting, encouraging them to play more and have fun.

Choose the right one with our crash course on kids’ rugs:

Hygienic Kids’ Rugs

The material is one of the most important factors in choosing a kids’ rug. Whether your child is a budding artist who likes to paint or an active, outdoorsy type, play areas are prone to mess, dirt, and all kinds of spills and stains, so you should choose a fabric that is easy to clean. The most common materials for kids’ rugs are wool, cotton, and polyester and heat-set polypropylene because they are multi-functional and low maintenance.


Wool is a long-term investment because it’s a bit more expensive than other fabric types, but it’s a top choice for kids’ rugs because it’s natural, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and anti-bacterial. It’s great for cold weather because it’s warm and can absorb a lot of moisture without feeling too damp. Wool rugs can be very soft but are still stain-resistant. It can be stretched and creased without sustaining much damage, and is pretty resilient in the face of dirt or wear and tear. Wool rugs shouldn’t be put in the dryer or washing machine, lest you risk damaging the material, but you can easily brush off dirt and vacuum it to keep it clean.


One of the most common rug fabrics, cotton is a cheap and versatile material that works well for most purposes. Rugs made with this material are usually soft to the touch and very breathable, and is known to absorb and release sweat quickly. Caring for it is very easy: most cotton rugs can be thrown in the wash and put in the dryer on low heat. The only downside is that because it’s so thin and lightweight, it doesn’t stay put on floors without a rug pad. It doesn’t provide much buffer between your child and the floor and can be uncomfortable to lie down on. Colours might also fade over time, especially with frequent washing.

Polyester & Heat-set Polypropylene

Synthetic rugs are widely available, affordable, and often come in fun and colourful patterns. Often blended with cotton, they are also strong and resistant to fading, stains, and biological damage. Polyester and Heat-set Polypropylene rugs also don’t crease so easy, still keeping their shape even through heavy use if applied with an appropriate rug underlay. They’re also thicker than cotton but thinner than wool, which means that they are still comfortable on their own, or simply place a rug underlay pad under for extra cushioning, also they can be layered on top of other rugs for texture and style. Polyester is a machine-washable fabric, but as most rugs have a jute material in the weaving meaning they shouldn’t be washed, only spot cleaned or professionally cleaned.


Your kids’ rugs should cater to their hobbies and lifestyles. Look for hypoallergenic materials that are child-friendly and easy to clean, and resist wear and tear. Avoid high-maintenance fabrics like silk, faux fur, and some shags, which can easily get ruined by your kids’ activities. Keeping your kids safe is also crucial, so use a non-slip rug pad underneath to prevent serious injury during play time. Kids’ rugs also come in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes - get one that your child will enjoy! A princess-themed rug will make your little girl feel like royalty while cat, panda, or whale-shaped rugs will pique the interest of your budding animal lover. You can also get activity rugs that your kids can not only play on but with, like hopscotch, road maps, and football field-style rugs.

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