What are seagrass rugs?

Due to their durability and versatility sea-grass rugs from Scattermats are becoming more and more popular – the sea-grass braided jute target turquoise round circle floor rug is perfect for your home or for your office. Seagrass rugs are woven from real sea-grass that grows off the coasts of Florida, India and China. Seagrass is actually a flowering plant that grows in shallow sea water. Some varieties of sea-grass also grow on top of rocks as it is so durable and hardy. Seagrass rugs are a great alternative to other rugs for your home like cowhide rugs, Oriental rugs, modern rugs, wool rugs, and shaggy rugs. Seagrass rugs are all natural finely woven rugs that come in more natural colours that range from tan to light green, due to their natural colours sea-grass rugs from Scattermats will fit into any colour scheme. The sea-grass braided jute target turquoise round circle floor rug is just one of a quality collection of sea-grass rugs available to purchase online with Scattermats. This is a  stunningly crafted natural fibre rug suited for any home, anywhere to provide a casual and Eco-friendly touch to your home or office – being handmade there is a slight difference in the thickness of the rug  with  this sea-grass rug varying in thickness between 10mm and 13mm. Seagrass rugs are durable, strong, environmentally friendly and anti-static! Due to the natural sea-grass fibres Scattermats recommends you don’t use this rug in any areas prone to wetness/damp such as the laundry, bathroom or kitchen as the rug may become mouldy or break down. To keep it clean vacuum regularly but don’t steam clean the rug, blot any spills with a clean white rag and dry damp spots with a hair dryer. Seagrass rugs have been around for centuries and are great for high-traffic areas of your home as they don’t absorb much dirt and are easy to clean. These rugs have a similar strength and texture to hemp and are naturally fire retardant. Seagrass rugs absorb sound and are great to use in a child’s bedroom.