Red Carpet Runners for All! not just Hollywood!

Author: Jake  Date Posted:1 March 2023 

Red Carpet Runners for All! not just Hollywood!

Red carpets have a deep cultural bond with importance, power, and luxury. From the glittering walkway of Hollywood events to the path walked upon by leaders world over; red carpets are the entrance way of choice for shakers and movers. But how did it come to be this way?

The earliest known use of red carpets, at least in the context we are familiar with, dates all the way back to the Ancient Greek play Agamemnon from 458 BC. The play written by, the then famous tragedian, Aeschylus, shows the protagonist greeted by his wife when returning victorious from a battle. His wife celebrating her husband’s success accepts him with a path adorned with red silk. Thus, the first known instance of a red carpet is born! However, rather ironically knowing today’s connotations, the protagonist refuses to set foot on the crimson path, reasoning to do so would be acting in hubris, after all such luxuries are for gods, and his praise can be sung without such decadence.

Beyond the Greeks, red carpets continued to permeate through history; with use in throne rooms during the medieval age, to use on the boarding stations of luxury stage coaches in the new frontier. Continuing all the way to its modern use by leaders, such as on the steps of Airforce One, and on Hollywood walkways, like the Grammys and the Golden Globes Award Ceremony, all laying down Red Carpet Runners. 

This isn't to say that red carpets are only reserved for Presidents, Prime ministers, and Tom Cruise. With the industrialisation of carpet making, red carpets have become accessible to a whole range of people. Perhaps a graduation, or a business' opening premier, or even just looking to add a touch of class to a foyer, The team at Scattermats has a range of rugs, hall runners and event runners to fulfil your red carpet needs!

From our ultra luxurious Red Grandeur plush pile event runner, to our classic Red Wedding runner; both of which are purchasable in custom lengths and different widths. Further more, for our more cost oriented customers ,we have our Budget Event runners, available not just in red, but also in a range of colours. As always, its worth coming into the store or shooting us an email to see if we can help you with any of your rugs and runner needs, red carpet related or otherwise.

Per usual, the team at Scattermats thanks you for reading!


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