Using floor rugs

Buying Rugs Online or From Rug Shops

Today it seems many new homes use tiles or wooden flooring, and those renovating seem happy to pull up carpet and lay floating floors, tiles or even vinyl. With so much variety, so many styles, colours, patterns etc it’s easy to see why a *hard floor* is becoming trendy and carpet – apart from perhaps in a bedroom is becoming a thing of the past. It doesn’t matter if your floor is new or older you still want to protect it and by using floor carpet rugs you can. Scattermats has a huge range of floor carpet rugs to choose from. Today’s range of rugs – colours, styles, shapes and piles make them a popular way to personalise your home and protect areas of your floor – especially those high traffic spots. Some new flooring when damaged by scratches and dents can be sanded back and re-polished, but that is messy and time consuming, so, where possible you want to prevent damage – not have to fix damage once it is done. This is where floor carpet rugs from Scattermats are the perfect solution for your home. If you place your floor rugs *properly* you can protect and decorate all at the same time. Floor rugs can be easily moved around and can be used in any room in the house. Rugs can help cut down noise, provide some warmth in winter and if you have children they provide a soft spot for them to sit and play. Rugs also protect your flooring and can brighten up a dark area by adding a contrasting colour scheme. Large areas of plain tile or wooden flooring can be boring so a bright floor carpet rug breaks up the monotony, and can be a great way to define different areas of a home if you have open plan flooring. When buying carpet floor rugs from Scattermats you don’t need the help of an interior designer or an installer, and with the Scattermats range you’ll be sure to find the size, colour, shape and pattern you want that fits within the budget you can afford.