Using area rugs on hardwood floors

An area rug from Scattermats can have a lot of uses around your home and they add some *texture* to a room when placed over hard wood floors. Whichever area rug you choose, we at Scattermats suggest using rug padding to help keep your area rug in place. Anti-slip products come in a range of styles and have different uses, from gripping a shag rug so it doesn’t move, to adding some padding and softness to a thinner rug. When you use an area rug on a hardwood floor, in general unless you have the rug secured under furniture the rug will move around. This can be dangerous – from the rug bunching up making it easy for someone to trip over it - to it sliding when walked on which could lead to a fall. Underlay that *grips* your area rug is a very popular choice, this type of underlay is thin and is great when used under a thick area rug such as a shaggy rug and will keep your rug in place. It is also the perfect choice for high traffic areas, you certainly don’t want any floor rug moving around and becoming a hazard, you also don’t need to be bending over and straightening your rug, smoothing it out every time someone steps on it. You also need to consider what type or style of area rug you want to use in the different rooms in your house – from the bedroom to the lounge room what are your decorating plans? For a family or larger room one very large area rug could be the right choice. If your one large room is a combined room – I.e. dinning and lounge room then the use of smaller rugs will help define each room area and function. The material of the rug should also be taken into consideration, for high traffic areas consider a hard wearing but easy to clean area rug. Don’t use a sisal rug or sea grass rug near a doorway as water damage – wet shoes, or rain spots can damage the fibers allowing them to expand which can ruin your rug.