Useful Tips for buying rugs online

Useful Tips for Buying Rugs Online

Shopping online has become hugely popular these days and it’s something everyone can do – from teens to grandparents and why not, it’s fast and it’s convenient. When you buy rugs for sale online you need to remember it’s not like walking into a store, you can’t just touch and feel and make sure the rug is okay, so, before you start shopping, here are some tips when buying rugs for sale online.
  • With so many rugs available you need to work out what type of rug you want – modern, shaggy, Persian, Oriental, Turkish, Outdoor, handmade, machine made? Scattermats have them all!
  • What size rug are you looking for? Why not try laying some towels or a sheet on the floor to give you an idea of how big or small you need the rug to be. Getting the size right – when buying rugs for sale online from Scattermats it is important the rug is the right size for where you will be using it.
  • If you want a rug for under the dining table – using your sheet or towels, pull all the chairs out, this way you’ll see if chair legs will get caught on the sides of the rug.
  • Think of the colour or pattern of the rug – you don’t want it to clash with your existing furniture but you need it to compliment the room. Did you want a rug with a pattern or something plain?
  • If you are not 100% sure of the style of rug you want, do some research and look at the range Scattermats have available, you may find another style of rug suits your needs perfectly.
  • Have you considered choosing some rug underlay pads to be used with your rug? These are anti-slip products that are placed under your rug; these can be purchased from Scattermats when you buy rugs for sale online. They prevent the rug from slipping or *wrinkling*.
  • Always have a budget and try and stick to it as it’s so easy to spend more than you plan to.